Customs Logistic

Customs logistics involves a series of requirements, we ensure that each stage is planned and executed with precision and agility

The customs logistic services that Furlong do Brasil provides are:

Thanks to our experience with Port operations, Furlong do Brasil developed in the Port of Santos, on the right coast of the Bernabé Island, a special stock control process that improved the quality of the services. Furlong was able to maintain control over the units in stock, which eliminated the problems of robbery and breakdowns, which were very usual at the time

In maritime transport logistics, Furlong do Brasil Works with subcontracted and dedicated vessels. In the recent years ,the company has worked with national and multinational companies such as: Grimaldi, K-Line, Hyundai Mercahnt Marine CO, Global Transporte Oceanico, Nosac Inc, NYK-Line, Ferry lines and PCC

Also, Furlong do Brasil developed a transportation and logistic system for documentation, to perform an efficient import and export process. Working together with the despatcher services, with proven experience, Furlong provides an immediate release of vehicles

Agility throughout the import and export process is a quality that characterizes Furlong´s operations

Customs Logistic

Furlong has developed a customs logistics service for import and export that minimizes customers' time