Transportation Services


General Cargo Transportation

Transportes Furlong do Brasil does more than 400 international trips per month for the main automotive and consumer goods companies in Brazil.

Maritime Transportation

Furlong do Brasil provides maritime transport services with subcontracted and dedicated vessels. In the lasts years of work, Furlong has subcontracted both national and international companies, among them: Grimaldi, K-Line, Hyundai Merchant Marine CO,Global Ocean Transportation. Nosac Inc. NYK-Line, Ferry Lines, PCC.

Transport of Vehicles

Furlong do Brasil carried out transportation of vehicles by road, internationally. For this service, the company has adequate transportation equipment to reach Mercosur measures. The equipment used in the operations of loading, unloading and transporting vehicles were designed considering the sepcific needs of our clients.
Offering the highest level of security, quality and agility for our clients